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pie chartIf you qualify for Diamond Certified, it’s incredibly important that you show prospects and customers that you earned it. The enclosed 2015 Awareness and Influence Report illuminates the power Diamond Certified has on both your potential and past customers. More than 7 out of 10 customers stated that Diamond Certified influenced them in choosing a company, and an even greater percentage of current customers said they felt more positive about a company because it had earned Diamond Certified.It should be noted that this 2015 study is very reliable because it is based on 2,546 recent random surveys of prospect customers and 10,468 past customers from 369 companies.

If you qualify for Diamond Certified, your job is to make sure every man, woman and child sees that you earned it. It’s not hard, but it does take a conscious effort each day to ensure your company’s communication signals include the message that you’ve earned Diamond Certified and are top rated for Quality and Helpful Expertise.

If you qualify, you’ll have done the hard part by satisfying your customers and earning Diamond Certified. Surely you’ll want to benefit by using Diamond Certified’s 72% influence rate to turn Quality Prospects into Quality Customers. Here’s the quick list of how to do it:

open brochure1. Hand, mail, and email your custom Diamond Certified brochure/eBrochure and Diamond Certified Expert Contributor Reprints to each prospect and customer.

2. Refer to your Diamond Certified status in person and on the phone.

email sig3. Email links to your Diamond Certified Company Report page and Diamond Certified Expert Home Page and attach your custom Diamond Certified eBrochure.

website symbol4. On each page of your website, link back to your Diamond Certified Company Report page by placing the Diamond Certified symbol link with the following link language: “Diamond Certified: See how we’ve been rated Highest in Quality and Helpful Expertise.” You can do this with the DC Widget.

small label5. Make sure your Diamond Certified signage and vehicle labels are highly visible and placed right next to your company name so the positive association carries across.

FB screenshot6. Use the Diamond Certified Facebook Feed Tip of the Day and Recent Customer Survey Response to automatically add proof of performance to your page.

Jim Stein, Founder and CEO

About Jim Stein, Founder and CEO

Jim Stein is the founder and CEO of American Ratings Corporation. Through his interactions with more than 6,000 local companies and analysis of over 1 million consumer survey responses, Jim has developed easy-to-understand strategies for consumers to enjoy consistently positive customer experiences and for companies to better satisfy customers, increase referral rates and reduce customer attrition.
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