The First Four

One-one thousand, two-one thousand, three-one thousand, four-one thousand. That’s how quickly prospective clients judge your company. In just four seconds, your company has made a first impression, and after four minutes, that impression has solidified. And although this impression can change during the course of an interaction, getting the first impression right gives you a huge competitive advantage. In the first four minutes, your potential customers are quickly answering these subconscious questions about your company:






Where do people first interact with your brand? It could be on the web, through an ad, on the telephone, by email or in person. Within four minutes, they’ve formed a very firm first impression. Knowing this, check each of these first contact points and see how you can up your First Four game. Use the following table to get your marketing signals right, immediately.

Marketing Signals Chart

Do your website, advertising, emails, and phone and in-person communications pass the First Four check? What type of first impression do your potential clients get? Make sure they instantly feel your team’s kindness, understanding, expertise and “for the customer” philosophy.

Jim Stein, Founder and CEO

About Jim Stein, Founder and CEO

Jim Stein is the founder and CEO of American Ratings Corporation. Through his interactions with more than 6,000 local companies and analysis of over 1 million consumer survey responses, Jim has developed easy-to-understand strategies for consumers to enjoy consistently positive customer experiences and for companies to better satisfy customers, increase referral rates and reduce customer attrition.
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