The Brand That Builds

Diamond Certified is the brand that builds your company (if you qualify). It means Quality, Helpful Expertise and Customer Satisfaction, backed by a Performance Guarantee. To create this meaning, we’ve operated the most accurate ratings of local companies available. We’ve spent $50 million+ promoting the meaning of Diamond Certified in the Bay Area over the past 15 years, and we’ve delivered 10 million directories to local Quality Consumers. Plus, Diamond Certified companies have handed out more than 3 million Diamond Certified brochures to help prove their top rated, quality status to local consumers. Continue reading “The Brand That Builds” »

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Brand Building vs. Brand Killing

Sometimes you just have to say, “Hey, by doing that, we’re killing our brand!” If you don’t, you’re not paying attention. Your brand’s meaning and power change every day. Do good things for your brand and it builds in power and meaning. Allow bad things to keep happening and your brand becomes tarnished and weak. It’s so important for your company’s long-term success that we’ve decided to create a list of brand building and brand killing actions and decisions that you, as a manager, can do a lot to control. Continue reading “Brand Building vs. Brand Killing” »

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10 Million!

directory handI’m standing next to my mailbox, directory in hand, sunlight glistening from the giant gold embossed Diamond Certified symbol. The bright sunlight splashes down on me. I’m happy. My brain, sending joy-induced heat to its surface, partners with the faraway sun to warm my face from both sides. The number 10 MILLION dances through my mind with images of the last 15 years. I see the faces of owners of top rated companies, consumers I’ve met and my team members who’ve done the work every day to reach this significant milestone. TEN MILLION: that’s how many directories we’ve published and mailed to consumers in the Greater Bay Area—consumers who care about quality, have the incomes to afford it and seek out top rated local companies. Continue reading “10 Million!” »

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Spring Training for Your Team!

Fortunately, El Niño has brought his rain and snow to our parched state. A last wet blast as we head into spring sets the stage for sunny skies, flowers blooming, birds nesting and new grasses growing. Spring is a season of renewal. For consumers, moods brighten, house projects are planned, cars are serviced and winter-delayed health appointments are booked. For company managers, it’s a time to achieve performance numbers, optimize employee skills, satisfy customers and generate more referrals. Continue reading “Spring Training for Your Team!” »

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Top Rated for Quality and Expertise

pie chartIf you qualify for Diamond Certified, it’s incredibly important that you show prospects and customers that you earned it. The enclosed 2015 Awareness and Influence Report illuminates the power Diamond Certified has on both your potential and past customers. More than 7 out of 10 customers stated that Diamond Certified influenced them in choosing a company, and an even greater percentage of current customers said they felt more positive about a company because it had earned Diamond Certified. Continue reading “Top Rated for Quality and Expertise” »

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More Quality Customers

There are Quality Customers and then, well, there’s everybody else. The difference is striking, as seen in this simple table.

customer type comparison

Divided into four key dimensions, it’s the Quality Customers who 1) seek quality as their number one shopping priority, 2) have the wherewithal to afford to pay for quality, 3) demonstrate a personal integrity that takes pride in fair dealings, and 4) are loyal and much more likely to speak well about your company. Continue reading “More Quality Customers” »

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More in 2016

Everyone at the Diamond Certified Resource team is really excited about our plans to build Diamond Certified companies in 2016. We’re doing it by heavily investing in four main areas:

1. We’re increasing the quantity of Diamond Certified Directories we distribute through our new updates to bring in more new customers.

2. We’re surging the power of the Diamond Certified symbol to engage quality consumers and differentiate Diamond Certified companies from local competitors by investing record amounts in digital marketing, TV, radio, digital newspapers, pre-roll video spots, events, and social media. Continue reading “More in 2016” »

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Giving Thanks

thanksgOur entire team at American Ratings Corporation wishes you and your loved ones a wonderful Thanksgiving season. For me, this is the time of year to give thanks to special people and reflect on outstanding deeds—an ideal precursor for personal and business planning.

Besides focusing on family members and friends, I’d like to take stock of what we’ve achieved with the Diamond Certified Resource this year. Continue reading “Giving Thanks” »

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The Four Powers of Diamond Certified

obi wan“Use the force, Luke,” urged Obi-Wan Kenobi to his protégé as he flew a dangerous mission to destroy the Death Star. During this pivotal scene from Star Wars Episode IV, our hero promptly shuts down his guidance instruments and conjures up his special powers—powers that allow him to quickly elude the chasing enemy fighter ships and powers fire a perfect shot into the Death Star’s thermal exhaust port, thus triggering the complete destruction of the evil base.

This month, I’m channeling my inner Obi-Wan and urging you, our hero, to use your Diamond Certified special powers. Continue reading “The Four Powers of Diamond Certified” »

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Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

people mirrorWho’s the fairest of them all? That’s the essential question your potential clients ask as they evaluate you and your competitors. The data points they gather and how they process those data will determine whether you or your competitor wins the “beauty contest.”

It’s said that true beauty is more than skin deep. And so it is for shoppers as they now look for data deeper than a phone call and company website visit. How you stack up versus your competitors in this “deep data beauty contest” will often be the difference between getting a new client who cares about quality and losing her to a competitor. Continue reading “Mirror, Mirror on the Wall” »

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