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Everyone at the Diamond Certified Resource team is really excited about our plans to build Diamond Certified companies in 2016. We’re doing it by heavily investing in four main areas:

1. We’re increasing the quantity of Diamond Certified Directories we distribute through our new updates to bring in more new customers.

2. We’re surging the power of the Diamond Certified symbol to engage quality consumers and differentiate Diamond Certified companies from local competitors by investing record amounts in digital marketing, TV, radio, digital newspapers, pre-roll video spots, events, and social media.

3. Through greater circulation of Expert Contributions and inclusion of Helpful Expertise within our rating, we’re growing the meaning of Diamond Certified so in addition to being seen as top rated for quality, Diamond Certified companies are widely known for being helpful local experts.

4. We’re investing in greater digital resources by establishing a new digital division to help Diamond Certified companies make their websites easier to update, faster, more secure, mobile-optimized, more visual and better loved by Google.

2016 direcThe 2016 Diamond Certified Directory
We’re currently working on the pre-press color production of the 2016 Diamond Certified Directory (to be distributed this April). Now in its 13th year, the Directory’s popularity has grown dramatically, with tens of thousands of quality-seeking consumers and business executives requesting their new copies. More than 825,000 of these popular directories will be mailed to homeowners with $100,000+ in household income, select local business owners, property and apartment managers, and insurance and real estate agents. If you qualify for Diamond Certified, your company’s full-page Diamond Certified Profile will be presented in your county’s edition.

Jim Stein, Founder and CEO

About Jim Stein, Founder and CEO

Jim Stein is the founder and CEO of American Ratings Corporation. Through his interactions with more than 6,000 local companies and analysis of over 1 million consumer survey responses, Jim has developed easy-to-understand strategies for consumers to enjoy consistently positive customer experiences and for companies to better satisfy customers, increase referral rates and reduce customer attrition.
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