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Joy Lanzaro is Director of Mediation & Compliance at American Ratings Corporation. As a mediator, Joy applies her experience and skill to help people move beyond conflict and settlement onto common ground, where trust and good will can be restored.

A Lesson About Trust from the Pasture

The other day, I overestimated just how much my 3/4s Arabian mare, Sasha, trusted me. As her cooperation is reliable only under a specific set of conditions for which she’s been prepared and tested, my job is to continually earn … Continue reading

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Timeliness: Reducing the Impact of Conflict by Keeping an Eye on the Time

One of the most common complaints I receive from consumers who request mediation is related to breaches in the unspoken contract of timeliness. Contractors, mechanics and other service pros, please hear this: Next to your competence, the most important thing … Continue reading

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Good News for DIYers and Owner-Builders

California has recently eliminated any ambiguity concerning “construction consultants”—per Assembly Bill No. 2237, they’re now defined as contractors who must adhere to the same requirements that apply to all licensed contractors. In other states, construction consultants market their services to … Continue reading

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Managing Indecision Friction

Contractors: Have you ever presented a client with a perfectly rational approach to fixing a problem only to have them reject it without any concrete reason? Things grind to a halt, you think they simply can’t be satisfied and you’re … Continue reading

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A Lesson about Trust from the Pasture

Contractors, mechanics and other consumer service providers are in the Trust business. Every time a service professional breaks from expectations, the customer is confronted with a choice between trust and self-preservation. While missed appointments and failure to call might seem … Continue reading

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